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I was wondering if I am using NRWS for the first time and want to follow up with some polishing to get out swirl marks and scratches what would you recommend?


I have a 2008 Toyota 4Runner in Black. I has some swirls marks from traditional washes. And some light scratches from off roading and rubbing up against branches and the like. It has 5 Star Shine (a 5 year paint protectant applied at time of purchase). Will the 5 Star Shine, be removed with NRWS? And if so what would be the best OPT protectant to add after I NRWS and machine polish the paint? I've used Zaino in the past and loved the sleek finish and long life.


Also will the NRWS remove OPT protectants when I use it in the future?

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It will take you a couple of times to get the hang of ONR, but after you do you won't look back. ONR will not remove any LSP (5* included) will actually enhance any LSP (last step product) because it leave a layer of protection behind similar to a quick detailer. As far as polishing, you have a few options and your choice will be based on what you expect to accomplish: Poli-Seal is an all-in-one product that will correct minor swirls, clean away paint contamination, and seal the paint with one application. Polish II and Compound II or the new Hyper System (Hyper Polish & Hyper Compound) can be used together or separate and need to be followed by Optimum Car Wax or Opti Seal Paint Sealant. Just click on the product name to go to the WIKI page which discusses each products capabilities and directions. If you still have questions after you read about the products, feel free to ask them in this same thread.



I used ONR this weekend on my 2008 black 4Runner and was amazed at how well it worked. So happy in fact I used it on my 2007 silver MDX as well and was really impressed with how well it does clean. The only thing it did not clean very well was some of the harder stuff like pollen/sap/bugs.


What product would you suggest for tougher scum like sap/bugs? And should it be used before or after ONR?

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