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At this point I feel pretty confident that the opti-coat will out perform our old sealant. My only fear is that over time it may discolor, crack, yellow, peel etc... Any long term evidence to ease my concerns?


We just got our 1st bottle of Opti-Coat. I have tried it on 2 panels on my own car. I have an older BMW that has had a repaint on one panel, and I have had some clear coat issues on that panel. My company has been using Car Glow's PTFE sealant for a few years and have found it to be extremely easy to use and that it has really good results. So the car is completely covered with that product but that pesky panel will still oxidize. So I've repolished that area and Opti-Coated it. I also did 1/3 of my hood. We have since washed the entire car with a degreaser that we usually only use for wheels. To this point our old sealant is still hanging around and the Opti Coat is looking fine too.

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