Items I wanna get rid of

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*****Updated 1/5/11******


I'm looking for trades or will sell:


Poorboys SSR-1 (16oz unopened)

Poorboys SSR2.5 (16oz unopened)

Poorboys Natural Look (16oz unopened)

Poorboys Spray&Gloss (16oz unopened)

Poorboys EX-P (16oz unopened)

Poorboys Bold&Bright (16oz unopened)Gone

ChemicalGuys New Look Trim Gel (16oz unopened)GONE

ChemicalGuys M-Seal (16oz unopened)

ChemicalGuys Jetseal-109 (approximate 12oz)

ChemicalGuys Diablo Wheel Gel (approximate 12oz)GONE

Adams Leather Conditioner (16oz unopened)

Adams Buttery Wax (16oz unopened)

Adams Revive Polish (16oz unopened)GONE

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