Opti-Clean vs OPP for interior use

Billy Jack

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I'm a recent member here and have been searching and reading numerous posts to become better informed on the Optimum product line. I've been so impressed with ONR that I'd like to try more of the Optimum line. I have a merchandise credit at AutoGeek to use and I'd like to make this an all-Optimum order.

My question concerns the use of OPP and OOC on interior plastic and vinyl. I'm looking for a product that would be the equivalent of a "Quick Detailer", i.e. the ability to accomplish light cleaning as well as an appearance enhancer. From what I've been reading, OPP offers some moderate cleaning ability as well as protection on both hard and soft interior surfaces. Would it be a good interior maintenance product? I'd like to minimize the time I spend on door panels, dashboards etc. on vehicles that are regularly maintained enough to not require a serious cleaning.

Also, I've read that that Opti-Clean is an effective product on interior surfaces. Would it be a better choice for my purposes?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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