Opti-coat on SratchShield and soft black paint


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My 2011 G37 came with scratchshield and some extra soft Malbec Black paint.


Any concerns using OptiCoat on it? Wasnt sure if it would react badly with the scratchshield ("self healing") clearcoat.


Are there any other tips/processes involved in applying it to soft paint? Someone that detailed the car said the hardness is about on par with BMW Jet Black. Im looking to apply OptiCoat because the car will be a daily driver so I wanted to make the paint a little tougher if possible.


Finally, not every swirl is gone. I realize OptiCoat is just going to go right over them and not make them better, but in the interest of time, what would I need to do if I wanted to fix swirls later (even one at a time if necessary :) )? Does the Opti need to be polished off? Can I just re-apply to certain spots as I work on them?


Thanks in advance.



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