ONR the most easy effortless effective wheels detailing by KC


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may i noe wad is the white stain around the wheel cap?

3 of my rims got those stubborn white stain..i tried using OPC 1:1 but no use..

it cant be scratch coz my dad's car also like this.



as coming back to michaelyii1988 struggles

i was a victim like you



Car wash and most car owners want an instant gratifying results - so much so - strong acid base - wheels cleaner are use often in this area - corrosive even to our skins & hands - threaten the wheel coat as prematurely worn down




pls allow your wheel to cool down prior washing them - as not advise to threaten both extreme temperature -


Its just simply amazing...how effortless & easy to care for the most tedious / filthiness area....of our wheels, this is the most important place to begin for any car wash...(kindly allow your wheel to cool down prior washing, as at some extreme brake our rotor may get heated till 300 degrees or so) not i wait you wash the kind of thing


most of the wheel damages is done the wrong way of washing ...with aggressive cleaner with chemicals like degreaser as such found in wheels cleaners

impose danger to both our skin & inhalations....


allow me to share with you



be fore warn




time for wash

Most easy effortless & effective wash - done with 3 MF




looking familiar - the amount of brake dust collect over days....



not a very rewarding place to begin with - but compulsory one ( as brake dust contains the most threatening part of your daily drive - dangerously as these asbestos & rotors metal dust sticking to your car body


never wash yr car downwards up - always start from the top



clay before polish or correction


brushing off the wheel nut area




more 50% / 50 % comparrision



ta da



remember before





in just 3 minutes- safe & effective - say no no when anybody using wheels cleaners or degreaser - do not brush them!!!!! not even with expensive plastics bristle brushes


you can makes a different

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