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I mentioned in an earlier thread that I had used Hyper Polish on a BMW and another car and I made the comment that I could probably substitute it for Menzerna P085RD as far as finishing down. I might have spoken too soon as I had problems with HP on a Honda Accord I was preparing for an Opti-coat application.


This particular Honda had been detailed about 5 months ago. At that time the paint was in really poor condition, but the paint was really easy to correct with M105/M205 followed up with 85RD and finished off with BFWD. Looked fantastic when finished but over the new year it was becoming obvious that the BFWD wasn’t going to last all that much longer, hence it seemed a prime candidate for an Opti-Coat application. The vehicle is a daily drive and is not garaged.


I didn’t get around to it until the Easter break, but after washing and a very light claying it was obvious that the paint was in very good condition and would only need a light polish with Poli-Seal before the Opti-Coat application. However as I’d only just started with HP I thought I’d have a bit of play on the bonnet with different pads etc. I started off with a black pad on the rotary and immediately it was obvious that HP and this paint didn’t play well together. All the previous nice properties of HP, such as buttery smooth, long work time etc all disappeared. I gave up on the rotary and tried with the DA, with a slightly better but similar result.


I then decided that there wasn’t much point continuing and started with Poli-Seal. Even Poli-Seal proved difficult to this paint. I’ve been using Poli-Seal as the final step of every correction since about Christmas and with every previous application Poli-Seal just about disappears into the paint with hardly the need to even wipe it off. On this Honda is worked ok for a couple of passes and then started to cake on the surface. It wiped off ok with some vigorous wiping but was very different to what I’ve come to expect with Poli-Seal.


So my question is should this be considered as normal with HP and Poli-Seal on softer paints such as the Honda paint.

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I apologise if my questions may be causing some frustration. However, I was just looking for confirmation from Dr. G that Hyper Polish and Poli-Seal may not be suitable for softer paints.


I thought David may have some suggestions or he might appreciate the feedback for future changes to the formulations of Hyper Polish and Poli-Seal.


I’m well aware that some compounds/polishes just don’t play well with certain paints and like you I usually don’t waste too much time when one doesn’t work well, and move on to some other polish combination that does.


I presume from your lack of comment that you haven’t experienced the same with Honda paint.


Which, is very odd considering that Optimum is used on many OEM assembly lines.


I suppose I then should ask specifically if Hyper Polish is used on Honda assembly lines?

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I will ask David to comment on the thread tomorrow for you.


Thanks, I look forward to his reply.


I tracked the problem down to not keeping my pad clean enough.


Well I'm not guilty of that one. I sort of developed a habit sometime back, in that I use a pad brush every time I put down the polisher. Only takes a couple of seconds and ensures you only ever add product to a clean pad.

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Sorry for the late reply. I was working on several projects this week and even though Chris had notified me of your question at the beginning of the week, I did not get to it till I got the second reminder today. I apologize to both of you for that.


Hyper Polish and Poli-Seal in general work well with softer paints. With Hyper Polish, you might get better results with a DA since it is an aggressive polish, however, Poli-Seal should work great with rotary or DA. The problem sounds like was specific to this paint and the age perhaps and does not necessarily have to do with the softness or hardness of the paint.


You might want to try the Optimum Finish for some of these soft paints that cause problems. The Finish is more similar to the Menzerna finishing polishes.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you.


Best Regards,


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  • 3 weeks later...

What was the lsp as I dont know it.


Could it be that having a reaction with the polish?


Some LSPs just dont go away and it might be the residue of it that your "fighting" rather than the poor performance of the polish?


Having read about this polish, going to try lower speeds than normal, see if that will have a positive effect on the softer paint.

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Some paints are simply a PITA to work on, so I wouldn't generalize that HP doesn't work well on soft paints from only using it on one Honda.


FWIW, my Acura has one of the worst paints I've ever worked on and combos that work well on other Honda's/Acura get laughed at when I try them on my car.




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