Opti Coat 2 On PPF


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I did a full correction (or at least as full as you can) on a 430 scud with full PPF (every panel) and was wondering if anyone has applied it to a full PPF wrap.


With it being a resisn and a second "clear coat" what effect does it have on the plastic used? Does it keep the ppf soft (its soft to the touch) or does it harden the plastic in any way?


With the full wrap you still have joins, will the resisn get into those joins and leech under the joins? Also, with the joins will the resisn, as it cures, go into those joins and leave a build up?


More questions to follow.

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I usually add a sealant to paintwork, but having asked the makers of the sealants I use, they all said not to apply due to it "maybe" reacting with the ppf and turning it yellow.


If your 100% sure it wont, will certainly look into buying some and testing it out on some ppf.

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