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Bought a bottle today (not cheap over here) for a play, see if it compares to Menzerna which I use alot.


So tips for me please.


Read alot of the threads on here, difference for me will be pad use, I will be using megs, lake, hexlogic to test.


Car will be honda (fingers crossed with the weather)


Just to make sure, it contains no fillers does it?

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You may want to read the thread Hyper Polish Problems a couple of weeks back under the Dr. G. heading. I tried out Hyper Polish on a Honda Accord and it didn't play well at all with either rotary or DA. I concluded it just didn't like the softer Honda paint. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to correct any other vehicle with softer paint since. Has worked fine on everything else I've tried it on.


I'd compare it to say Menzerna PO1066FF as far as cut and gloss - maybe a little more cut. Long working time. If you consider dusting an issue as some guys seem to, it dusts less than Menzerna products. Just like Menzerna products it responds differently depending on what colour pad you use. I've only used it with LC and Festool pads, so can't offer anything re your other pad choices.


The sprayer idea seemed like a good idea, but the more I use the sprayer the less I like it. It is very messy and I've never been able to get it to spray like in video. I've had replacement sprayers, but still the same type of problems. It doesn't necessarily deposit the material in the correct position on the pad especially if using a rotary. That is not so much of a problem on a DA though.


I've not seen any evidence of any fillers.


Please report back on how you go with your Honda - be interesting to know if it was a one off problem or not.

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Yeah I read your thread.


This honda is the GFs, I never use an unknown product on a customers car, thats asking for trouble.


I had a few issues with this honda (paint) with menzerna, that was down to the lsp that refused to be removed no matter what (bilt hamber, rock solid and ignored ipa) which gummed up the pad.


However, as you mention the spray, I wont be spraying it on I think, might just change the top to a standard filler top and use the drop (smartie, skittle etc) size as normal.


Will have a play and post pics/thoughts as soon as I can.

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