My Experience with OC on Aluminum

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I applied Opti Coat (OC)on 1 of my rims as a test before I applied it to the other rims. The OC was applied 1 month ago to the lip of the rim which is polished aluminum. Sorry no pics from then, but it looked like, well, polished aluminum....


The OC kept the rim shiny, easy to clean and didn't haze when it rained- Awesome.


Well, recently water from the hose dried on the rim's lips and I got this: :crying[1]:




I tried Poli Seal- didn't do much


Optimum Metal Polish (last version)- A little better but still some

water spots remained


It took Adam's Metal Polish #2 to get this: :lshic[1]:




Is the OC still on there? Did the metal polish remove it? :confused1[1]:


After polishing I did give it an IPA wipe down, and several mineral spirits wipe down then sprayed with distilled water mixed with ONR- wash strength:


After polish:



After IPA/ MS wipe downs:



I guess next time it rains or I wash it I'll be able to tell if it's still on there.... :thumbsupup[1]:


Thanks for looking

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For water spots I use Duragloss Spot Remover, thats got to be cheaper over their lol


I've not used (got) many Optimum products at the moment, but have just bought (yesterday) opti-seal and will test that on polished alloy to see how long I can get out of it.

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