opti coat over peeling clearcoat??


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hi all, newbie here,

recently found your product, referred by a local detailer,

my problem car is a 1999 Mercedes Benz CLK430 bright red color (magma red)

The clearcoat is obviously peeling on the bumpers, hood, mirrors, and trunk lid

Its just flaking off. every few weeks another corn flake size spot falls off

paint underneath is unprotected and fading in the sun.


I am considering the opticoat 2.0 to be professionally applied


The detailer I am considering is proposing:

(I am paraphrasing)


wetsand of whole car to remove all loose clearcoat and other blemishes

Touch up of all stone chips, scratches

Wet sand touchups to smooth them out/blend them in

Apply the opticoat to seal it all in.



My fear is that if we remove all the original clearcoat I am losing some protective properties

Is Opticoat a UV protectant?

Will it bond to the paint, or is it just meant to bond to a good condition clearcoat

Will it act as a clearcoat on the areas where the original clearcoat has been completely removed?

Like on mirrors and bumper, the clearcoat is almost completely gone.

Is this an application that opticoat is recommended for?



This detailer is accustomed to working on high end restorations, show cars, one of a kind vehicles,

However the paint on a classic rolls royce is different from what is on a late model mercedes,

Mainly the fact that I have a clearocoat to deal with.

Any advice on my situation with badly peeled clearcoat layer falling off?



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thx chris for the honest response,

i found this, an optimum enthusiast who did the same to a mazda 626 in malaysia.




looks like it turned out pretty good, the key is the prep!

i will let you know how mine turns out.

any suggestions on how to OPTIMIZE the results on my CLK430...

sorry i couldnt resist!!

or give the optiguard added protective properties?

layer it?

wax it?

any opti products to put on after the optiguard cures to extend its life?

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i emailed malaysia, gotta love the internet!!

jack says the opticoat is holdin gup nicely,

water still beading, not quite as awesome beading as originally, but definitely still beads very nicely.

he would say it is acting as a clearcoat without any problems.

after speaking with my detailer, he is not going to polish off ALL my clearcoat, just the areas that are loose/flaking, then he is going to try to blend the optiguard over the areas with clearcoat and without clearcoat, if it doesnt look right, he will apply a new clearcoat to the areas that have none, to even it all out, then optiguard over everything.

test a few spots that have no clearcoat before he does the whole thing so he knows what the best technique will be, sounds like a plan!

thx for the help

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