Opti-Coat 2.0 on Nano Fusion film


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Hi everyone,


This is my first post here, I have just purchased a new car that im picking up from the dealer later today. I ordered some opti-coat 2.0 a couple weeks back to apply to the car once I have prepared everything, but I have also ordered a Avery Nano Fusion paint protection film kit for it.


I was just wondering if it's safe to apply opti-coat 2.0 over the paint protection film? I don't know if I should opti-coat the car first then fit the film kit, or if I should prep the car fit the film then opti-coat over everything.


Some info on the film I have can be found here



Any advice would be very appreciated.

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Excellent, thanks for the help Chris.


I was a little worried about if the film would stick to the opti-coat or have problems. I think I will wait until the film kit arrives before I opti-coat the car, as it's still in transit from Canada to here in Australia.


Thanks again.

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