Opti-Coat 2.0 prep questions (Urgent)


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I have a few questions about Opti-coat 2.0. I'm about to apply to a new 2011 prius in sandy beach metallic and am not sure about a few things. There's a black rear plastic decklid that is transparent but not totally see through, seems a very soft plastic as it's already swirled. The paint as of delivery of car a couple of weeks ago look perfect and swirl free. I inspected and did not see any swirls or RIDS besides the decklid mentioned. Owners think paint is perfect also so would be very hesitant to let me take my DA to the point with polish. My plan is to not polish, not clay because I'm scared to mar it with no polishing to fix that, and prep the paint by washing at a strength to strip the spray wax the dealer used and apply opti-coat 2.0.


1. I can opti-coat 2.0 the plastic decklid surface right?


2. Can I apply opti-coat without polishing?


3. What kind of prep should I do to this paint if I'm not polishing before opti-coat?

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And I posted prematurely. David G got back to within a half hour of my email. Awesome customer service, application advice from the CEO!


Here's the instructions for sake of answering the post for the archives:

You do not need to polish before applying Opti-Coat, however, once you apply

it, it will seal in any paint imperfections and swirl marks. You do need

to remove all waxes and sealants from paint as you suggested for

Opti-Coat to bond to the paint. Washing with a strong detergent like

Dawn or adding Power Clean to your wash solution are some of the ways

people remove any wax residue.


You can apply Opti-Coat to the plastic decklid but as I mentioned, it

will seal in the swirl marks that are present. Alternatively, you can

polish this area only and then apply Opti-Coat to it.

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