Weird Opti-Seal Behavior


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The vehicle: 2005 Toyota Tacoma, factory finish (gold metallic).


The background: I recently polished the entire truck with Poli-Seal on a DA, followed by Opti-Seal. When I started, the finish was a little tired (looked OK but dull to the touch), but the Poli-Seal easily cured this. The Opti-Seal went on beautifully, and left a nice slick finish. So nice, in fact, that I didn't bother with my original plan to top it off with a wax.


The weirdness: After only about a month, every surface above the beltline (in other words, the surfaces that see the most sun) are no longer smooth and slick. They feel slightly rough and hazy, almost like they have a very fine overspray. The truck is not a daily driver, so over this month it has really only spent 4-5 days in the outdoors; the rest of the time it has been in the garage (and not near any painting operations!). I discovered that I can restore the slick finish with Meguiar's NX wax and a mild-to-moderate amount of buffing by hand, but is this the right thing to do? Did I do something wrong in the Opti-Seal application? Is the wax just temporarily covering the problem, or just removing the Opti-Seal? I want to get it right since this vehicle was my "guniea pig" before I do the others.


Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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