Optimum Hyper Polish by hand?

Sunil Vakharia

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I just joined this forum a day ago. I am absolutely new to detailing and would like to start with small steps.


When I came across the Optimum product range, I was happy to read about the spray and walk away concept (Opti-Seal).

I somehow thought that Optimum Hyper Polish (Sprayable!) would be something similar - very easy to use - meaning I can apply it by hand.


(I don't have a rotary or DA.)


Now having already purchased a bottle of OHP, I realized that Hyper Polish is for machine use (read a few posts in some other forums as well). :(


Is there any point in putting this by hand (I have some polishing/ wax foam pads and cobra MF's but no machine)?


Or should I just try to sell the bottle off to someone else who has more equipment?




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Well the first thing to do is welcome you to the forum . When it comes to the Optimum products ,Chris and Dr.G are the go to guys with your questions. As for what to do with the Hyper Polish IMO I would set it up on the shelf until you purchase a machine. If you are new to detailing, it's my guess that it won't be long until you will be buying a da or rotary polisher. Once you try a machine you will wonder how you ever did without it. Maybe another member could chime in if they have tried to apply OHP by hand but my experience is with a machine only.

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Thanks Paul and Chris.


I am not too sure if I would purchase a machine since I have just one car and I am not really taking this up as a profession. :)


How frequently should we be polishing a car? My car manual says do not polish unless paint has lost its luster. I assume that with each polish, I am reducing my clear coat and will eventually remove it completely after a few rounds (which is what I should not be doing).


@Chris, even if I do apply this by hand, how long will this bottle last considering I have just one car (Mitsubishi Lancer) and maybe I polish it once every six months.

Is there a shelf life for this product after I open the bottle?

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Polishing does remove paint and by hand it's very inconsistent. Take more care in learning how to wash and protect without maring and polish less. Also, consider Opti coat as protection. Opticoat replaces/adds 2microns of clear and can be polished so that your car is easier to clean and when polishing you are removing part of the coating and not your OEM paint.

Quick update:


Based on your earlier post, I tried using the Hyper Polish with an applicator pad (http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/VIK0/890200.oap?ck=Search_N0461_-1_-1&pt=N0461&ppt=C0209)


Not sure how much to apply, so sprayed once on the pad and then tried to apply in circular motions on one panel of the car.

Unfortunately the pad absorbs quite a bit of the liquid. Plus I am not too sure how much needs to be sprayed.

Overall, I did not see any changes between the before and after.

I might give it another shot in the morning if there is a better way to do this by hand.


We don't get most of the other products here in India. So, Opti-coat is not available and Opti-seal is out of stock for more than a month.

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