Hello I'm New and looking forward to trying Optimum Products need some guidance


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Hello all,

I'm a BMW guy and have a two. A 1983 733i which is a museum quality car with only 70k miles on it.

This car was babied it's entire life, always stored in a climate controlled garage and looks like new.


My other is a work in progress a 2001 Z3 M Coupe which I'm fixing up and will see dual duty on the track and street. I just had the this car re-painted about 2 weeks ago. A 3 stage peal white from Lamborghini called Ballon white was used. It came out fantastic.


I have allways been a fanatic about the care of my cars and these two are no exception. In the past I've used products from Giriots Garage and achieved good results.

As a practice I buff out my cars once a year using my orbitial buffer with a foam pad and very fine polish then wax. This process is very time consuming taking the better part of a day and hard work.

I just did the 733i and it looks great yet there are still the faintest or barely detectable swirl marks when I look very very closely, Most people would say I'm imagining they are there but I can see them.


So I'm here ready to give these products a try, and being new to the product offering have a few questions. If I need to post them elsewhere please let me know and I will do so.

Before investing the money I want to make sure I know to make sure I'm doing it right and using the best products. Thanks in advance for tolerance if these may have been addressed eleswhere that I was unable to locate.


The z3 has fresh paint but is now very dirty from driving and need to be washed. There are no swirl marks and the paint is defect free.

Q. Should I use Optimum Car Wash, or Optimum Power Clean?

Q. Is it too early to apply a wax or sealant?

If so how much longer should I wait?

If not what product should I use, Optimum Opti-Seal followed by Optimum Car Wax or Optimum Car Wax alone?


To remove the slight swirl marks on the 733i.

Q. Do I need to remove the wax on the car first?

If so what is the best method?

Q. Should I then use Optimum Poli-Seal applied with a Blue Pad followed by Optimum Car Wax


My orbital polisher purchased from Griots is a Porter_Cable that uses 6 inch pads held on with Velcro.

Q. Are the pads sold by Optimum compatible

Q. Is there a flexible backing that will fit this unit and do I need it.


Once I get the cars done I'll be sure to post some pictures.

Best regards.

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