OPT All the way products and Opti-Coat 2.0 on a Jet Black paint


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Hello Dr. David and Chris,


Hi, I just need your help. Im detailing a super hard jet black paint. Took me long hours buffing a panel. Using as first step with OPT Compound II on wool cutting all scratch deep & minor including small deep water spots and lite chips, then switch to medium using OPT Hyper polish, switch pads to soft polish using OPT finish, switch pads same pads with OPT poli seal, switch pads doing OPT Opti Seal and lastly OPT car wax. Doing all 6 section pass after the first step. Beautiful results but Im not really sure if Im doing the right thing though or maybe using and also wasting too many products. Car also need OC 2.0 after all OPT Steps. Question is do I still have to go through OPC and IPA wipe down before OC 2.0 application?

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