Headlight Restoration


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Hello Dr. G.

I would like to shy away from spray coatings for headlights, and use opt-coat. It will allow more flexibility for outdoor application.

I need the fastest cure time possible so I can walk away from the headlights and not worry about any issues for my customers.

Question #1 Do you recommend opti-coat/opti-guard or opti-coat 2.0. ?

Question #2 What is the difference in cure time under perfect circumstances?

Question #3 What is the average price for opti-coat/opti-guard?

I talked to Rob Reagen from Santa Barbara (Great Guy) Thought I could get some product and he recommended me to you.

Question #4 Where can I purchase opti-coat/opti-guard?

Forgive me for any stupid questions. Your experienced response will be most appreciated.

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