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Hello all,


first of all, thank you for having me here. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and being a tropical country, the weather consists of sunshine and (mostly) rain & dust. I recently bought a car, and have been learning how to take care of my baby.


I've been very happy with the results that Optimum products have given me - an ONR and OID fan for a while now (great at everything it's meant to do), recently tried Opti-seal and very happy with the results! I wouldn't drive the car without a small bottle of Opticlean as backup cleaning aid - bird bombs to name a few. Just tried HyperPolish a friend gave me, and I'm still working on that - I guess finding a right combination needs time (pads, speed etc.)


Thank you again to the guys at Optimum for making great products, and thank you to all forum members for sharing their tips and tricks at using them. Hope I can continue to learn and share. :spoton[1]:


Best regards!

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