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Hello Opti folks. I have always been a nut about a clean car. More of a weekend warrior though. Recently I got ahold of some Optimum power clean and WOW. Well I was BLOWN away. It cleaned everything. I didn't realize that my interior was actually the color that it is.


Anyway I am looking for some advice. Does the rest of optimum's products work that well also? I am sick and tired of combing thru all the bottles in my shed. I really am looking for a One Stop Shop brand. Tired of this for that that for this etc etc etc. So what would everyone suggest.


I have two vehicle and a pontoon boat. A white lincoln town car and a red Saturn outlook. I have used Meguiar's mostly in the past and have been basically satisfied, especially with their marine products.




Jason W

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Welcome, Jason!

I'm a relative newbie also, but I've been gradually building up my selection of Optimum products and haven't been disappointed yet. ONR is truly a revolutionary product, period.

Optimum's wax matches the gloss and durability of most liquid or paste waxes and applies in a fraction of the time.

OPC has no equal in its combination of effectiveness and safety as an APC.

Opti-Clean is a very effective waterless wash both on exteriors and interiors.

OID is my new go-to as a spray detailer and I've tried a bunch of others.

OPP is my leather dressing of choice.

I haven't gotten into the polishes, compounds, sealants or tire dressings yet, but as I mentioned before, I've yet to be less than well-pleased with any Optimum product I've bought.

I, too, am a long term Meguiars user and they do make some fine products, many that Optimum does not cover. But you will definitely not regret purchasing any Optimum product IMO.



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Bill took the words right out of my mouth.I think with Optimum being a smaller company that they adapt to the changing market quicker. Dr.G and Chris are more personally involved on day to day basis with a hands on approach. IMO you will not be disappointed.

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Just to add a little info for those new to the forum. Chris has been known to price match Optimum products at the online store. Find a good deal elsewhere and give Chris a PM and he will take good care of you.

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