OC 2.0 Cure temperature & time question


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Hi - I'm new here, and couldn't find an answer to this one by searching. The write-ups and how-to videos here & on the website are very helpful, but I'm wondering about cure temperature and time.


So I have a new vehicle & a tube of OC 2.0. The temperatures where I live are averaging about 50 degrees F during the day, and about 30 at night. It's likely that prepping the car will take most of the day (for me), so the OC would probably get put on in the late afternoon. The garage will stay a little warmer than outside once the sun goes down, but definitely below 50.


I'm thinking I can put a space heater in the garage overnight. My question is what temp to maintain, and for how long? Or is it best to just wait a few months?


I'd really like to get this right the first time, so any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!



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