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I've never machine polished a car, but I'm not new to Optimum. A little over two years ago, I bought the largest container of ONR, and I've been washing my truck since. It's saved me a lot of time!


I registered, because I think I made a mistake with my recent purchases...


I bought both Opti-Coat and Opti-Seal thinking that I would use a few coating of Opti-Coat to strengthen the clear coat on my car. Then I'd used Opti-Seal to top it off and make it shine.


After reading the forums, it seems like I need to take one route or the other since Opti-Coat is said not to stick to itself. The Opti-Coat also doesn't seem to have as shiny a coat as Opti-Seal. Finally, Opti-Seal alone would be more forgiving if I make a mistake with the PC 7424XP and Optimum Polish on the 2006 BMW I'm going to work on.


I'm thinking of returning the Opti-Coat to the third-party vendor.


Do you have any advice?





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