Is it possible to use diluted OPC as an IPA substitute?


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Hi all...


Just wondering if it's possible to use OPC to clean polish residues before applying LSP. I've only used an IPA (at least I assume it's IPA - I bought the drugstore rubbing alcohol, hope it's the same thing) - distilled water mixture so far, but needed at least 2 applications before the paint surface looks clean, sometimes more.


Have anyone experimented on this? An IPA - OPC - distilled water mixture perhaps?


Hope to read your suggestions / comments, and thanks in advance! :)

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You can use it like a strong wash to remove polishing oils or to strip the paint in preparation for needs to be rinsed.


Thanks Chris! So after polishing, should I use it in the 3:1 dilution to spray & wipe then wash the car? Or should it be mixed with the wash?


If the first method is better, is it possible to use an ONR wash instead? (sorry for the questions, I hope it's not too much of a hassle...)

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