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Hi...this is the very first time I will be detailing my car myself. The good thing that its a new car so my work in minimized.


1. I live in a tropical region with a lot of dust. Is it safe to apply OS on the car under sunlight? How much faster does it dry in the sun?

2. Is the dust going to be a problem? I am afraid that dust may settle while applying the sealant and become embedded in the sealant.

3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I understand the application process to be:


Wash -> clay -> wash again -> Polish -> IPA rubdown -> Opti-Seal -> Wax


4. Is applying wax after OS necessary? What would be the added advantage? Any advantage of using Optimum wax as compared to others?

5. Which polish should I use before application of OS?

6. Is OS safe with any wax or is there a specific type of wax recommended?

7. I understand OS to last a good 3-6 months. How can I tell its time to re-apply?

8. How much more complicated is applying OC as compared to OS? Higher risks of messing it up?



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