Cleaning Micro-Fiber Towels


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In another thread you were quoted:


"The only draw back when using a Microfiber towel as the wash media is that it is hard to remove the dirt that is trapped by No Rinse from the towel unless you use a strong detergent like Power Clean"


Can you elaborate how you would use Power Clean to wash a MF towel? My current practice is to use standard Tide-like detergent in the washing machine and then air dry (to preserve absorbency vs. machine drying). Is there a preferred method to get the MF towel clean? Thanks.

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I have tried various methods to clean my m/f towels after using ONR. I have finally realized some of the dark stains aren't coming out so now I have dedicated ONR wash towels. Currently the towels go into the washing machine with Tide and vinegar is added to the rinse cycle .After being machine dried they remain soft and continue to perform well . Before placing all of the towels into the washing machine I will toss them into a pail of Power Clean and have them soak for a few hrs.Others may have better results from other methods but I'm happy with the way mine turn out.

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