ONR with Regular Car Wash

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Has anyone noticed when mixing ONR with regular car wash it drastically changes the ability of regular car wash to make suds? I've tried this a few times and noticed its almost like the ONR takes over the regular wash and the mixture stops making suds. I've found this odd, since ONR has water softners in it, so I expected more suds. The only reason I bring it up, because it's such a drastic difference. It's almost like ONR is encapsulating the regular car wash like its dirt on a surface. I also noticed if you give the mixture a blast with a pressure washer it will foam up again, but will only last for a short time. I'm not complaining or asking for a solution, as i have been amazed with all the Optimum

products I have so far (OptiBond, QD, wax, 3 traditional polishes, Opticoat). I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if they have any idea what causes it? So far I've mixed ONR with 2 different car wash brands, and have noticed it with both Griots W&W, and BMW brand car wash(a nice wash and a great deal at any BMW dealer). Could this mean the water in my area is extra hard, I live in SE PA. But, again, I only notice it when adding ONR to the wash mix. Thanks for your comments.































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