Opti-coat 2.0 on new car / repainted whiecles


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Hi everyone!


I´m new to Opti-coat and to this forum, but i have been working with carcare since 1997, more like a hobbie untill a few years ago when i started a small carcare buisniss beside my ordinary jobb as a truckpainter. Enough said :)


I have 2 questions about Opti-coat 2.0


1. Can i put opti-coat 2.0 on a new delivered car, or do i need to wait to let the paint cure?


2. How long do i need to wait untill i can put opti-coat 2.0 on a resprayed panel?


Cind of same questions but i personaly think i can put opti-coat on a new whicle, and with the repainted panel i just need to wait a few weeks.


Any one can help me out?


kind regards.

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