Confused about quick detailer... ONR @ 6.25%, OID or Opti-Clean...

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I just bought some ONR to use as rinseless wash. From what I read on Autogeek and this very forum, it can be used as quick detailer at 8oz to gallon concentration (6.25%).

The bottle I just bought which says "new formula" on it lists 1/256(ounce to two gal) for wash, 1/64(2oz to gal) for clay lube, but use as quick detailer is not listed.


I thought quick detailing is the process of "mist and wipe dry" light contamination.


So, how do Optimum No Rinse as QD, OID and Opti-Clean differ from each other?


How does "quick detailing" differ from "waterless wash"? From how I'm seeing it, waterless wash addresses higher level of contamination... but what's the point of having two different seemingly overlapping products?


I already asked the same question on Autopia since it was taking a while to activate my account, but wanted to get OPT's official words


Here's my Autopia thread

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