Couple More Questions On OC2.0 Application

whiplash willy

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I will be applying OC2.0 early next week, and have a couple more questions before I start.


1. I am going to be applying using the pump sprayer method. I will be applying it in about 1ft x 1ft sections. People say that once the applicator is primed you should only need 1 or 2 additional sprays per panel. My question is, if I am doing it in 1ft x 1ft sections, and there are several of these sections per panel, would I use a new pump for every section, or can I move on to the next session without applying any more product?


2. When moving on to the next adjacent section, do I have to be careful not to overlap the areas that have just been finished? I have read that once an area has flashed, you don't want to touch it again if possible (Even with the applicator) because you risk removing the recently flashed product. Is this true?

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