Power Clean On Galvanized Steel

whiplash willy

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I just picked up an old Beverage-Air Commercial Kegerator. The inside walls are galvanized steel, and the floor is stainless. I was thinking of using some Power Clean to clean the inside, but don't want to remove any of the zinc coating from the Galvanized steel.


Is power clean safe to use on Galvanized Steel, and if so, what would be a safe dilution?


Also, anyone know of a protectant I can use of Galvanized steel? There are areas that have rusted, and one I remove the rust, I want to protect those areas so they don't rust again!





This kegerator needs some TLC to get it to the point where I will want to use it. It will be worth it though, since these things are built to last! New they are about $1500, and I paid $150 for this one! After 20+ years it still cools well, it is just ugly and dirty!

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Power Clean is safe on bare and galvanized metals as long as you don't let it dry and rinse it well. It's still safe, but it will leave a stain that will have to be removed with a light pollish. Optimum Metal Polish would reeeeaaalllly help that think out...and it leaves behind polymer protection!


Chris, I will have to pick some up! What do you recommend I use as an applicator to apply by hand?

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