spot reparing opticoat 2.0?


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Hi there, i have polished and applied opticoat to my black bmw.

This is just a question for future reference as i dont have time to undertake the correction right now.


But what happened was i have scratched my car probly through to washing my vehicle. is it fine to spot repair the opticoat 2.0 or would i have do the entire panel?


I have a das 6 pro, a mint rotary and black white blue and gold lake country ccs pads. i also have all the menzerna polishes. What pad and polish combo should i use to sratch up the

surface up enough so another coat of opricoat 2.0 can be applied?


Also what about if i also wish to just try and see if i can refresh the coating and/or remove some light marring how passes should i do?. Would i use a black ccs pad or a blue one and the lightest polishes i have for menzerna are SF 4000 and SF 4500.


Once i have used the polish is it fine to leave it there and let the opticoat just repell the finishing polish until its gone or ubtil i wash the car. (as in there woukdnt be a need to ipa/ereaser?)


I will try to remove marring first before attemping to redo whole pane







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