Hi from Europe, ONR ratios


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New to detailing I read lots of good stuff about Optimum No Rinse.

Seeing many uses I bought some.

Then I started to read (numerous, all different) about the mix ratio for various uses.


Clay lube




So I emailed optimumcare and was given bad info then referred to this forum.


From the container we are given ratios. Not stated, but the volumes are given

in US values (US gallons, US fluid ounces - which are marked as ounces).

Most suppliers tell us that the lid holds X mL of fluid. Not ONR. More confusing

since the 8oz 32oz and ?? each have different sized lids.


I.e. generally confusing.


Other users add more variety by using the product in hard water (limescale) areas

of my country, which necessitates using slightly more of the product.


I suggested that a simple ratio would help but have had no reply from Optimumcare

to date.


What ratios do you use?

What was the source of your information please?


TIA Dave

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Hey Chris why don't we ever see or hear of Opti-Clean being used for clay lube?


It never occurred to me until yesterday when I had a bottle out to clean down a test panel and then when it needed a clay I thought Opti-Clean is perfect for that as well?

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Thanks Chris

Silly world. Our household buckets (UK) are 2 imperial gallons. I use a 624mL spray bottle, so all this gets just

a little bit on the complicated side?

I do wish this info (at least the ratios) were readily available from Optimum, there is a lot of conflicting

advice around the net.


Much obliged.





Joel. It works well as clay lube (used it yesterday). Makes for a very slippy surface.

<grin/> Not having anything else, I also used it to clean my wheels! Did a fair job

of loosening the muck, easily brushed off with water after a soak.

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