Cold weather for applying Opti-coat 2.0


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Thanks, Chris.


So does it mean that my car should be sit inside the garage for a while after all prep?


What if the car's surface temperature is below 10 C when OC2 is applied?

OC2.0 coating is going to fail?

Or, does it need much longer time to cure?


Detailer guy is supposed to come to my home this Saturday 10AM and it's roughly estimated to be finished by 3PM..

Weather forecast is +4 C daytime high...

And I assume opticoat will be done inside my garage....


I just bought my car 2 weeks ago, and I want to OC as soon as possible, otherwise I have to wait for next Spring.


Please advise.



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Can i put Opti-Coat 2.0 to my car outside? I live in Finland and there are now in summer outside temperature about 25-30 celsius at the daytime and night about 10-17 celsius. I can't get my car in the garage...

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