GMC Denali & Opti-Seal

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Nothing real special here, '02 (I think) GMC Denali I detailed for a regular customer of mine about 3 years ago. He only uses it to tow his boat and drive to his deer lease. I maintain his Lexus quarterly and this he never really drives it to much but after this hunting season he said "It's been to long". So the plan was to wash all the fine dust/dirt that was in EVERY crevice and all the seals and the jambs. Then he wanted to remove the scratches from brush that I could. They were all down the sides! Then the plan was to Opti-seal it again. To my amazement while washing the Opti-Seal was still holding strong 3 years later! Car gets a few tunnel washes a year but other than that nothing! Shows the power of Opti-seal!

Maxi Suds and OPC mix washed 3x's, about a 2 hour wash/prep

OPC 4:1 on the wheels/wells and trim and jambs

OPC 10:1 on interior

Flex OPT MF Cutting Pad and D301

Flex OPT MF Polishing Pad and OPT HP

PERL on the wells and trim

VRT on the tires


Look at the beading!



After polishing and Opti-Seal





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