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Just wanted to know what is the maintenance plan recommended after the application of OCv2.0 over the next 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and so on...


Say i apply on a customer's car and i know he is not going to be careful while washing or maybe his chauffeur washes it on his behalf or he goes to the car wash which results in swirls coming back gradually and over a period of time they start building up again on the corrected paint.


In such a scenario I have the following questions -


1. Will the swirls from careless washing form on the layer of OCv2.0? Will all of the swirls form on the coating or some will be on the clear coat layer below?


2. What is the best way to remove the swirls?

  • A finishing polish like OPII or M205 on a finishing pad like LC HT Crimson pad on a rotary be sufficient be sufficient to remove the swirls?
  • Instead of a finishing polish is it okay to use some kind of fine abrasive paint cleaner like Poli-Seal or Klasse AIO on a finishing pad?
  • Can we use any DAT finishing polish like Scholl S40 or we have to stick to SMAT polishes only?

3. How frequently can swirl removal on the coating be done safely? Every 3 months or 6 months or maybe more? Is there any recommended time period for inspection/swirl removal?


4. I know that OC has been tested (unofficialy) to last upto 5 yrs but is there any recommeded time frame after which the coating needs to be removed fully and reapplied?


5. For removing the coating what compound / pad is suggested? Does it need to be a wool pad or can foam pads like LC HT Green (cutting pad) or LC HT Tangerine (polishing pad) be used? Any suggestions on the cut level of the compound?


6. If topping OC with my favourite wax or sealant, am guessing the durability will be reduced but can we expect a month or two?





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