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Hi guys, yet another one hailing from Malaysia - IMHO one of the most difficult places to detail cars in Southeast Asia due to our lax in emissions, clearcoat-causing-failure sunshine and dirt-etching rain and haze.

I may sound very critical of where I live in but there are other problems to worry about, such as washing, cleaning and educating others who mostly treat their cars as a mode of transportation and not an extension of their personality ;)

My car's a daily driven; I'm not too focused on keeping it in showroom detail wherever I go, but I keep it in a condition which leaves most of my countrymen confused on why a vehicle should be cleaned, weekly-washed, and monthly-waxed in two or more hour sessions when it could be done outside for a quarter of that time.

For me, I use a plethora of different products to achieve my goal and Optimum products have so far left me very impressed for its value and purpose. Newest item added to the product lineup is OCW v2 - applied it about a week ago and I'm now testing for a suitable regimen on when I should top up.

Looking forward to better - and hopefully cheaper - Optimum products here. Cheers!

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