plan of attack opti-coat and layering..


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So my plan of attack is..


1. wash car (2 bucket method)

2. Iron-X to remove any iron

3. Use optimum eraser

4. Groits Paint Prep (strip everything)

5. Foam car make sure it is clean

6. Opti-Coat 2.0


How is this plan?


Also, when Can i layer the opti-coat? do I have to wait?

Can i layer it right after I do the whole car and than start from the beginning to layer it?

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Compressed air like the cans that we can use on computers? :D


I forgot to the polishing part, I have Optimum Polish II , the car is brand new. I still have the wrap it came with on.. I made sure the dealer did not touch the car at all.




Also.. a question .. can I use like a Finish polish and a blue pad later on just to to a maintenance on the coating? or will that remove it?

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