GPS - What type of fillers?


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Hi, I've searched and can not find the answer. I'm researching and considering buying your products for the first time. With the GPS, what type of fillers does it have? Does it have oils or is it a different method? Thanks.

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It does not have fillers. The wax and polish can have a filling effect if applied like a wax and not worked...but, no filling additives are in it.


Thanks, I emailed Optimum before finding this forum, and here's the response from Ronald Doyle: "GPS does have carnauba wax and sealant oils (which are fillers), all part of the all in one process of cleaning, polishing, and sealing the paint."


Now I'm pretty new to all of this, so trying to understand fillers and what he mentions as oils. What I'm concerned about is certain glazes have oils that will evaporate even if sealed.


Are we talking about two different things? Help me to understand. Thanks.

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