Long time detailer. 1st post. 1st review on Hyper-Polish & GPS sprays.

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I decided some time ago I wanted to try these products. I was a fan of the Opti-Seal when it came out and knew there were several other products that were fantastic. I made the decision and got them shipped last week. I have used Zaino on my cars for years. I have enjoyed the look it gave. However, I was wondering if there was something that could give me a better gloss. Since my OCD on buying products was kicking into high gear, these were what I wanted to try.




After using Chemical Guys Citrus Wash, I got started with the Hyper Polish. I primed my orange pad with 3 sprays as directed and once after each section. I use the Flex polisher. My car wasn't too bad to begin with, but there were a few light scratches and a few blemishes here and there. I've always taken well care of this car.

I immediatly started to notice a difference. I saw some nice gloss coming out of the finish. Pretty much all of my scratches had come out with little effort. The residue was extremely easy to wipe away. Some products that I've used in the past were an extreme pain in the *** to buff off. I understood from reading posts that both products have some cutting abilities, with the Hyper Polish being the more aggressive.


After I got the car done, I finished with the GPS. I used a white pad, primed with a few sprays and 1 to 2 sprays there after. Again, a very easy product to use. The gloss I was seeing enhanced and was pleasantly surprised at what I was seeing. Wiping this stuff off was also a breeze. I really started to love how these products finished. I also had some trim just below the windows that were slightly faded. After using both of these, the trims original color started to come back.


When I was finished, I did a light spray with a QD to make sure any residue was off.


The one con I can say about these sprays is the fact that they're not atomized very well at all. When I would spray it on the pad, some of it would sling off and spray onto the garage floor. While that doesn't seem to be a big deal, you have to mindful where you're spraying it, as some of it went on my tire or on the body again after I had just did that panel. So I had to pay close attention to where I was spraying it. I also had to clean up the garage floor when I was done.


I thought there was a level of "hype" on these products when first introduced, being that they are in spray form. I thought about just transfering them to squeeze bottles instead. Haven't done that yet.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the results. I already got a couple of compliments while getting gas today.













Not too bad for 11 years old..

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