Best Lighting Conditions for Applying Opti-Coat


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I've started doing a lot of Opti-Coat Pro applications lately and need to find ways to get a little more efficient. One thing that I would really like to cut down on are any surprise high spots when I'm all done. Anytime that I've had an issue I think my lighting played a big part. I have coated cars in different areas of my shop all with different lighting situations so I'm going to try to set up a dedicated paint correction and coating area to do all of this type of work for now on. I also usually use 500 and 1000 watt halogen work lamps which can be a pain in the neck to lug around so I'm stoked to cut down on my messing around time!


I have pretty much a blank slate to work with. Probably only going to do one bay for now and might add more if the need arises.


Any suggestions?

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