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Im wondering which of the two no rinse products is going to provide the best QD experience with most easy of use. Either ONR wash n shine or ONR wash n wax.


Obviously ONRWW is going to provide some protection as well and maybe a better look over ONRWS. For our use though we need a QD thats fast and easy with no streaking and doesn't need to be wiped on and buffed of kind of fashion if that makes sense. Most QD products with wax require a bit more work to be streak free in my experience. Another quality it needs to have is the ability to bead or shed water very good. We also use our current QD as sort of a final rinse agent for larger dually trucks and vehicles we wash/ dry only by hand. Example: The car is pre rinsed, then soaped/ washed like a normal detail would be, rinsed again, this is where the QD comes in, QD is lightly misted over the vehicle before a final rinse to help bead as much water off as possible. If this makes sense i hope somebody can help. Note we only use are QD in the wash process on really large dually trucks and cargo vans etc... to assist in drying.


i have ONRWW now and at .5oz/32oz h2o dilution it seems to work nice but noticed it required some extra buffing off to be completely streak free. most likely due to the wax?


Thanks and sorry for the ramble

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