Product sequence on 2013 Honda

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Hi there,


I've been reading about Opti Coat 2.0 and it's application/prep on a lot of forums and have to say that there are a lot of opinions out there!


Here is my scenario:


2013 Honda Fit (Dark Grey- Metal Metallic): Prior to reading about Opti Coat, I have just finished applying Klasse Sealant Glaze (3 coats) after washing with Optimum Car Wash and then No Rinse in the garage.


If I want to remove the Klasse and apply the Opticoat, what is the best order in which to apply the products? Thus far, I have gathered this:


1. Wash with ONR

2. Iron X

3. Optimum Finish Polish II or HD Polish (HD for soft paint, like a Honda?)

4. Car Pro Eraser or Alcohol wipedown -or- Wipedown with damp MF cloth if using Optimum Finish Polish?

5. Opticoat 2.0 application




Optimum Instant Detailer for shine

Power Clean at a 3:1 ratio if finish stops beading

Contaminents on Finish: OptiEraser



Any problems/thing to change with this order?


Thanks so much!






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