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Hi... new to theforum and possibly a one-off visit from a technical questioning standpoint.


I have a really good question for Chris and others well experienced with Opti-Lens; once this coating is applied and cures does it reach a state of having an anti-stick characteristic or nature to its surface.


The reason for asking this question is because I work in the tech department for one supplier of urethane paint protection film product (sometimes called clear bra) and we have recent had reports of our product not adhering well to headlamp covers.


Would Opti-Lens or a competitive coating be the reason for ppf's low tack adhesion to headlamp covers provided there is no issue with the ppf adhesive to begin with? I read somewhere that Opti-Lens aids in providing a non-stick surface bugs, dirt and other road spatter will not stick well to?


Are car Mfg'ers also providing anti-stick (or self cleaning) surface coatings for headlamp covers that you know of?


Thanks for your time, answers and any assistance you can provide.

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