OptiCoat Round II


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So, a few years ago I OC'ed my SUV. For whatever reason I came to the conclusion about a year ago it "failed". The beads were dead. Looking back, I made several mis-steps during the whole process, because I didn't know any better at the time:


1. I didn't use Optimum Polishes to polish prior. I used Wolfgang (Menzerna) polishes. However, I did DP several IPA wipe downs.


2. When the beading "died" I didn't IPA the vehicle. Since I have found some "stuff" can leave residue on a surface and cause the beading to fail. An IPA wipe-down brings it back.


... So, I decided to OC the roof (only)f of my SUV to see how it works out, because I hate waxing the roof. I used Optimum Finish to polish, then did many 20% IPA wipe downs. I then applied two coats of OC to the roof using the Opti Pro Dual Applicator (brand new).


I decided to use this thread to document the success or failure of this endeavor.


Here are some pics of the roof 12 hours after OC application. It drizzled out after I applied it, but it was several hours later. .. Here are the beads from the slight rain this morning:




You can imagine after spending days polishing out the whole vehicle (was a swirled vehicle at the time) and doing all the prep on my initial application, I'm a little "skittish" on OC.


The issue for me is, how do you know for sure the OC is still there? As, sometimes a clean naked surface will bead - but not as tightly as the beads from OC in the pictures above.


I plan on seeing how I feel about the roof and possibly doing the whole vehicle.


Here is the SUV all done with OC on the roof:




L update this thread with beading / sheeting pics and videos if the roof.



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I'm curious to see how OC beads compared to the wax on the rest of the vehicle (Dodo Blue Velvet Pro).


I have my wheels OC'ed for over a year now. I notice right after you wash them with wheel cleaner, they won't bead - no matter how much you rinse. Then I IPA them and they bead.


I may OC the whole vehicle if Im happy with the roof. Don't know. At any rate, I plan to do the bumpers, as these are the areas I hate waxing (roof & bumpers).

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