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I picked up a new Model S Tesla, and had it Opticoated. My detailer pointed out a couple things that he could not fix (like wrong paint color on the hood), so I took it back to Tesla to have them fix, which they did do.


In between when the Opticoat was applied, and my visit to Tesla, I didn't realize I parked under a tree where some kind of berry fell onto my hood, and made little berry juice splash marks on my hood.


I didn't think much of it at the time, thinking I was protected, now Tesla fixed my hood issues, detailed the vehicle, and the Opticoat person in my area offered to re-apply opticoat to the hood once Tesla did their work.


Nobody can seem to get these berry juice splashes out of the hood (that was on top of the opticoat).


My detailer did say that some of the smaller berry juice splashes came out, after quite a bit of work, but that the bigger ones were near impossible.


What can I do? Are there some kind of tree's that have sap or berry juice that can eat through opticoat?


There's gotta be a way to get it fixed, no?






Rob in Aptos, CA

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Have you taken it to another detailer for a second opinion ? If the acid from the berry has actually etched deeply into the paint , then a repaint may be the only recourse you have.

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I am going to try and do that soon. The guy I used is the best, but he's baffled. I did reach out to another guy in NorCal, and he even cautiously confirmed that the guy I used is the man, so he's curious to look now as well.


I'll report back

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It is possible to stain Opti-coat, it,s very rare, but certain naturally occuring dyes can migrate into teh surface. That said it should only be a surface imperfection, and your detailer should be able to buff it out and re-apply OC.

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