Safe for Matte Black Trim

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Hi all


I purchased Optimum compound, Polish & Poli-seal, and will be using a PC7424


I'm new here... I'm trying our this product for the first time, many people on the forums seem to like this brand, so I thought I would try it out. Before I go and start on my cars, I would like to know if Optimum Products are safe to the matte black trim on my cars? will it turn my trim white?? I use a different brand right now and it works fine without turning things white.


Can this product be used in the sun? My car is stored on the drive way, and there is very little shade to work under.


What settings should I use on my PC?






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Welcome Rich.

Your trim is safe with Optimum and wont turn it white.

Optimum polish and compound is very sun friendly but I always recommend that you do your paint correcting in the shade.

I don't use a PC but most users will prim the pad with a X on the pad turn the PC to 2 and spread the product around then turn up to 6 and start polishing.

After the first prime you need very little product. Most use 2 to 4 pea size drops per section. It has a long working time but doesn't dis aper. So work a section then wipe and inspect. Don't prim the pad with a QD it will produce unfavorable results.


Good Luck!

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