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Hello guys and gals. I am coming here today in light of a recent "detail" that I received from an authorized detailer for Optimum. Sadly, this was an awful experience and an even worse job...


I have a video (lengthy... 10 minutes) that I will post here showing two Lexus IS250's. The first one is a 2009 IS250 and the following series of tests were done. I began by filming the sheeting and beading of the 2009 with 3 month old Wolfgang sealant on it. After that, I clayed the car and applied a fresh coat of wax. I then used APC to strip the wax and filmed that. Lastly, I re-applied the wax and captured that on video as well.


I then moved on to my car which was supposed to of been coated with OC 2.0 last month. Since I got the car coated, it has not left the garage. I gave it a full 30 days to cure before touching the paint.. In the video (fast-forward to the end if you want) you can see that there is obviously no OC 2.0 applied to my car. It takes forever to sheet and displays zero characteristics of a coating.






Anyways, I am posting here because I love to detail cars and I had to go through this long ordeal of trying to get my car fixed (dealer washed it and trashed it while getting serviced...) I came across this dealer who seemed to be the real deal. I asked him if I could stay and watch and I couldnt believe the type of work that was done on my car. During wet-sanding of the bumper to remove some pitting, he burned through two different spots.


Also, when I came to pick the car back up in the morning and checked it in the sun, I discovered a hazy mess. I took my polisher to it and did some passes and it looked like I did a 50/50 shot with a tape line.... I requested to have it re-done and I assisted in doing so this time (before he has his not so knowledgeable partner helping out..) The car looked much better and I left while he was going to opti-coat it and I was going to pick it up in the morning. I picked it up next morning and it looked pretty good. It has sat in my garage until today when I performed this test...


I was skeptical that OC was ever installed because when I initially made my appointment with this detailer he informed me that he would have to order it in if I wanted it (the OC). I agreed and waited a few days for it to come in. When I had him re-polish the car he asked me if I wanted him to just throw a coat of wax on it. Seeing that I paid for a coating I declined and said I will stick with the OC (especially since he said I wouldn't get any money back with going with a wax since he already used the coating??)


I LOVE OC and think they should be aware of this detailer who has their name plastered on his store and website...


Thanks for listening and I hope to find the right person to talk to here!



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