Ambient matter (Dust & such) & O.C.?


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So, I was thinking about how 'clean' the surface must be prior to an Optimum Coating application... and the 'cleanliness' of my shop during/ after a detail.


I normally sweep, mop, and wipe down shop surfaces the day after a heavy detail (read 2-step or heavy compounding) is completed if my schedule allows. My shop cleaning session today really prompted this post.


I work in a 32x20, one bay, detached shop. After a heavy session there is some accumulation of dust and compounding matter that settles on the lights, benches, etc... Even more pronounced if using MF pads &/ or wool, since I usually use compressed air to clean these type of pads.


Could the 'settling' of this ambient matter affect the bonding of O.C.?


I'm just curious because if I'm leaving the vehicle to cure in my shop, overnight, this stuff is settling on the vehicle's coated surfaces for sure.


I could be a little crazy here... and can accept that if told so.


Thank you for the replys!




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Gabe, If you are applying with the wipe on process it's not a big issue. The wipe on application clears the surface of dust as your applying it, and once flashed dust settling on the surface will not stick. IF you want to speed curing, and be able to deliver the car to your customer faster here is a little trick, Opti-seal. Apply your Opti-coat as normal, after a minimum of 30 mins, opti-seal the surface. This will accomplish 2 things, it will protect teh OC surface from weather and touching, plus if you have any high spots you missed during application, it will take care of those as well.

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To expand on the use of Opti Seal, our friends in Austrailia have been using this method for some time, and it's also approved by Dr. G himself. I have tested it here myself before application on a customers car and it does not adversly affect the OCP in any way.

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