My first ONR wash


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Wow, is all I can say! This stuff certainly lives up to the hype!


My car was coated in a nice layer of dirt, and it was far to cold to bring the hose out of the basement, so I though it would be a wonderful time to test what is becoming one of my favorite products.


I read all the posts and watched many videos on the correct methods and uses of the product, and when I believed I was ready, set out to no rinse wash my car.


I was originally a skeptic of all this no rinse washing thing, thinking it was a gimmick more than anything, but that little amount of ONR and two gallons of water is a really effective cleaning alternative to the traditional two bucket method!


I can't express enough how impressed I am with these products and Optimum products have began to take their place on my shelves right next to my Meguiar's.


I have Opt Car Wash, OOC, OPC, and ONR, and the list is growing, I hope to add the spray compound and polish to my arsenal soon, they look like very unique products and if they perform like any other optimum products, they will be awesome!


This forum is a great resource, it really needs more attention than its receiving!



Griffith Hawk

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