Fixing "dealer washed" Opti Coat


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So yeah, dealer didnt quite listen when I said "DO NOT WASH". All the dirt and grime from the winter in CT was wiped around my black car, and now its swirl city.


Luckily, at least MOST of the car was Opti Coated (Ive questioned some spots because they didnt bead/sheet like the others, but for now my goal is just get rid of most of the swirls)


What would be my best plan of attack?


Can I assume the swirls are just in the Opti?


What products are recommended to try and correct it? The underlying paint is VERY soft (Infiniti Malbec Black) which is why I chose Opti in the first place, so I really want to go light and slow even if it takes a whole lot of time. Id rather under-correct than over-correct in this case.


Thanks in advance.



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